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Lolita Vigilantes

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To defend lolis everywhere
(Please be patient while we get our community up and running. Thank you!)

Lolita Vigilantes is a user-run watchdog community which aims to keep other users updated when it comes to buying lolita items.
If you think somebody is scamming or overpricing, you can submit a completely anonymous post (here) or, if you’d like a mod to look over your report first you can comment (here)
You can also post if you’re unsure how much you should expect to pay for your dream dress, to ask if you’re pricing your items right, or if you’ve spotted a bargain you think another Lolita might want to take advantage of!
Before posting, please read the (rules) and (FAQ).
Remember, this is not a place for flaming or personal attacks.
The maintainers of this community are redri and adaywithout, please message them if you’ve got any questions or comments. You can also submit your suggestions to help run the community run a bit smoother (here)