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21 September 2011 @ 04:34 pm
Hello and welcome to loli_vigilantes.

This community is for the active watchdogs and posters in need of advice.
We will act as a venue to warn users of scams or scalpers, and be a safe place to vent frustrations and constructive criticisms.

I encourage you all to be anonymous if you don't feel comfortable to share your username for whatever reason. All members can make an entry, and anyone can comment, although moderated for your protection. Anyone can join or lurk.

There will also be a post for you to submit a post that is ONLY viewed by moderators, if you feel that your situation requires a higher level of privacy.

Please feel free to make any and all suggestions in this post! The point is that it is run by community members FOR community members, so your input is encouraged!

EDIT: We are also very happy to include any and all pricechecking questions for both buyers and sellers!